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Astral Catalepsy

Astral Catalepsy is something that has been happening to me for quite awhile and quite frequently. When I was younger this happened almost every time I went to sleep. Now it probably happens to me once or twice a week. When I was younger it use to really frighten me because I really thought I was dying. I would be jolted awake, I would know I was awake, but I would be unable to move, it was hard to breathe and I would just lay there unable to move or speak or call out to anyone for help. After this had been going on for quite awhile I began to get use to it and it became not as frightening. I would just keep telling myself that it would pass in a minute or two and I would keep trying to move my fingers until I finally snapped out of it and woke up.

Maybe some of you reading this have had similar experiences and have wondered what causes this phenomenon. Once I read more on this subject it helped to ease my mind that there was nothing wrong with me and that it was just a sign that my spirit had been out astrally traveling (I’ll write a blog on astral travel in the near future, Google “astral travel” or “astral projection” if you want to know more about it). Anyway I’ve read a lot of material on the subject from different books and from various websites. The following is an excerpt from Sylvia Browne’s book “Phenomenon”:

You’re sound asleep when suddenly you’re jarred awake by one or more of the following frightening sensations:

  • Paralysis
  • Shortness of breath, often from some oppressive weight on the chest
  • Being touched by something or someone lewd or menacing, but invisible
  • An overwhelming vibration
  • Being pinned down and prevented from moving by an unseen evil presence
  • Loud noises, from a buzz or hum to a blaring clamor as if fifty different radio stations are blasting at the same time.
  • The appearance of strange lights.
  • A certainty that threatening entity is sitting on the bed or moving the bedclothes

If any of the experiences on that list have happened to you, please take heart: You’re not losing your mind, you’re not in any real danger and you’re certainly not alone. In fact, cultures around the world have created folklore that dates back hundreds of years to explain these phenomena, from witches to a giant devil to an old hag to a baby ghost. And some UFO enthusiasts attribute it to the results of painful experiments during alien abductions.

In truth, though, the explanation for all of those sensations when they jar you from a sound sleep is an unnerving but fascinating occurrence called astral catalepsy.

The term “astral catalepsy” was coined around 1930 by a researcher named Sylvan Muldoon, who spent much of his life recording the astral trips his spirit took during the night while his body slept. The first of those trips that he was aware of, when he was twelve years old, illustrates beautifully the birth of his intensive study of what he’d heard referred to until then only as “sleep paralysis.”

Muldoon’s first recorded astral trip during sleep started with his waking up in the middle of the night to find himself unable to move, see or hear, with a painful sense of severe pressure on his head. As his senses and ability to move slowly returned, and the pressure on his head subsided, he realized that he was actually outside his body, floating above his bed and able to look down at himself and watch himself sleep. He was conscious of his spirit being pulled from a horizontal position to a vertical one as it left his body, and of embarking on a very detailed tour of the house in which he, in his spirit form, was able to move with great ease through doors and walls. He also was very aware of trying to shake his parents awake because he was afraid of what was happening to him, but they never seemed to feel him touching them.

And then, when he was above his body again, his spirit was pulled back into a horizontal position, and he experienced the same paralysis, loss of senses and pressure on his head that he’d gone through earlier. After a feeling of being jerked abruptly back into his body, he sat bolt upright in bed in a complete panic, able to remember and immediately write down the whole sequence of events with crystal clarity.

Sylvan Muldoon had an advantage in that experience that few who go through astral catalepsy enjoy – he had full memory of all the events before and after the sleep paralysis occurred, which gave him a context for what had happened to him. Without that context, it’s no wonder astral catalepsy feels like such a terrifying assault. So here’s the context, and the explanation behind it.

Several times a week, whether we’re aware of it or not, our spirits take temporary breaks from our bodies during sleep to go visiting, exploring and simply running free outside the confines of these goofy earthbound vehicles we occupy while we’re here. These breaks are as refreshing a nourishing for our spirits as they are for our conscious minds, not to mention a frequent reminder that our spirits can and do thrive as the separate, eternal entities they are, no matter what happens to our mortal bodies.

The vast majority of the time, our spirits slip into and out of our bodies with the greatest of ease, without disturbing our sleeping conscious minds for a moment. But on rare occasions, depending on the level of sleep the conscious mind happens to be in, it can “catch” the spirit coming or going from the body. And in its less-than-alert state, the conscious mind, realizing that the spirit is half in and half out of its body, jumps to an obvious conclusion: The body must be dying. It panics and promptly sends “your dying!” signals to the body that correspond exactly to many of the sensations of astral catalepsy – the paralysis, the loss of the senses, the inability to breather or cry out for help, a whole series of physiological and neurological “short circuits.” But when the conscious mind realizes that the spirit is safe and sound in the body again and it’s not dying after all, the signals stop, the sensations subside and another jarring but ultimately harmless incident is over with.

It’s also worth pointing out that the spirit world we’re part of when we astrally travel is a whole other dimension that the one we live in her on earth. The spirit world’s vibrational frequency is much higher than earth’s, not to mention the fact that gravity and other earthly laws of physics don’t exist there. So a half-asleep conscious mind catching its spirit literally traveling from one dimension to another, from weightlessness to gravity, could understandably be jolted awake by perceptions of noises (like sonic booms) and oppressive heaviness. “Understandable” doesn’t necessarily make it any less frightening while it’s happening, of course, but it’s also affirming proof that while we sleep, our spirits are off having beautiful adventures, reunions and Homecomings for our benefit whether we’re consciously aware of them or not.


Anonymous said...

wow, thank you so much for posting that! I have been having this since I am a kid. Everything you wrote about your experience, Ive experienced exatly the same and about the same frequencies. When I was a kid it was very often, now it's once in a blue moon, but still happens.

Anyways, I just wanted to thank you again. I was just brownsing and not even sure how I got here, lol. But it answered one of the things I thought I would never have an answer fo the rest of my life.



Anonymous said...

Just today I finally realized why I would wake up-usually between 3 and 4 am- and be paralyzed with a very loud buzzing/ringing in my ears. All these years I thought it was an entity doing this to me. I would be so afraid I couldn't call out or move but in my mind I just cried out for Jesus to save me. I can actually feel the buzzing in my head and ears and in my mind say oh GOD here it comes again. The buzzing sensation is almost like being electrocuted through the head! Finally when that sensation goes away, I am able to move again,turn on the lights and pray myself back to sleep. Last night it happened again and I laid awake for awhile wondering why it happened because I was having a great dream! I was with my dad and grandfather that have passed and we were together and so happy! I talked to my mom about it and she said I was just having an out of body experience. So, I read Sylvia Browne's blurb about dreams in her book.After I read it to my mom and come to find out she made it up so I wouldn't be afraid....She was accidentally right!!
Now I realize it isn't an entity attacking me, my body caught my spirit running around! Actually a little humorous to think of it that way! I can't even maintain an honest relationship with my own body!! Anyway, I am so relieved to know it isn't a negative entity attacking me while I sleep,just my own spirit ! I wonder next time this happens if I will be able to reason with myself and know what is happening so it won't be so frightening??

Anonymous said...

I can't believe i found this site. This has been happening to me all my life and i have been scared out of my pants thinking it was dark forces hanging around my sleeping body waiting or trying to hurt me. The pressure on my body, the heavyness, the feeling that something is nearby watching me. My god i've stayed awake all night scared to death something was in the room with me! This is such a relief i can't believe it. I just ordered that book Phenomeon too but it hasn't arrived yet. I'm so glad you put that exerpt on here.

Anonymous said...

Very interesting, what is described here matches my experiences very closely. It is still troubling for me, and scares me tremendously when I am in the stage approaching consciousness. There is nothing worse then wanting to scream for help or run from my bedroom and not being able to. Complete paralysis and the FEAR, pure fear. Usually when I encounter this I pray and pray. With my religious upbringing I automatically think it is a "demon" or some sort of evil presence.

Mindy said...

Yup this used to happen to me all the time and it scared the heck outta me. It even happened one time when I didnt quite yet fall asleep yet. Sometimes I wake up now and it starts again but it's never full blown paralysis like it used to be.

Anonymous said...

I have experienced alot of what is being told here. It is nice to know that im not the only one. I am a little curious about sevral events I had, just a few. At lease the one's I could remeber. I awoke one night in a paralyed state & it was not the first experience, But something was different. I was speaking. I don't remember what I was saying. I do know language was strange. It was a language I never used. After a while I am able to move as usual. It botherd me for quite sometime, but eventually I stop thinking about. Anyway it hasn't happen in while. Im greatfull for this knowledge.

claudio said...

I really really want to find an answer to my experience. It is similar to sleep paralysis and this catelapsy thing you described,. It started out 3 years ago in eighth grade. I would wake up unable to move, just twitch when I tried and it was hard to breathe, my breathing was shallow, it scared me but eventuaally I got used to it as a daily thing, then a year later it happened in a way where I thought I would die, I coulnt move and breathing was hard, but this time I had soooooo much pressure in my head, sometimes felt like my brain was being squeezed, it s not really painful but its soo much unbearable pressure, but it seems the more I struggle the more pressure I feel, so I try not to move or anything, and usually when I snap out of it my breath comes back really fast. The first time the pressure occurred it was mild pressure, but as time went on throughout 2007 until now, its gotten worse, but when the pressure first happened it happened for a period of time, usually I go like two weeks with waking up and having the pressure and paralysis, then it goes away for like a month, then it comes back stronger, and everytime I have episodes they come back worse the next time after they have laid off for a while, right now its not happening, last time was maybe few weeks ago, but an episode will come soon probably, im so scared. No doctor takes me seriously. What do I have?

claudio said...

if you have an answer, can you please email me at

Anonymous said...

These exact symptoms haven't ever happened to me, but I have had incidents where I suddenly feel very, very scared when I am lying awake in bed. And then if I hear a completely normal noise, like my birds moving in their cage, I am suddenly paralysed with fear and I can't move at all. It doesn't happen as often anymore but it still does sometimes. Does this have anything at all to do with my spirit leaving my body?

Anonymous said...

I remember finding out what it was a few years ago. I used to think I was being abducted by aliens or something. I would be laying in bed and was aware of my surroundings yet for some reason in this state my window was open and a strong wind was coming through. I couldn't move and felt like I was being electrocuted. I wanted to scream but nothing would come out.

It was reoccuring. Sometimes it would last longer than others and that was the worst. I remember thinking at one point that I was in a coma and would be stuck like that until death.

I began to learn to snap myself out of it. If I sort of shook myself or tried to wiggle with all my might I would come out of it and then be afraid to go back to sleep because there were occasions where i'd wake myself, fall back to sleep, and go right back into it. Like my spirit was fighting to break free.

At some point I got into reading Sylvia Browns books and I believe it was the dream book that explained astral catalapsy and I was so relieved that I wasn't being abducted by aliens or going into a coma. It's quite commical actually. I still don't like the feeling of not being in control for a few minutes but at least now I know what's happening and sometimes how to force myself awake..

Anonymous said...

i am glad u wrote this also i had a couple experiences wen i was a kid at one time i even thought someone was tickling me. But that went away after a while and i didn't have it for ages until one night i woke up with pretty much the same symptoms as most of you. I have never been able to sleep after these and usually get up and play online games till the morning cos i just don't want to lie there in bed. But anyway the reason im writing is cos last time it happened i manged to get some sound out and my sister actually came into my room and thought i was being attacked loll. about 20 seconds i guess b4 she came in i managed to get free and almost turn on my light just b4 she entered, I cant remember what i said to her but she went back to bed and i layed there. id like to note that it was also just after 3am. weather or not tht means anything i dunno.. but this has been interesting to find thnks for posting such interesting info

Anonymous said...

Catalepsy can also be caused by mental disorders, such as epilepsy, schizophrenia, drugs and brain tumor. I have practiced astral travel for a while, the body catalepsy is a symptom but not the cause (in other words, you can travel with or without it - I did both). It depends on the sleep stage where you travel (deep sleep or paradoxal sleep).

If you experience other symptoms, such as headache, etc., consulting with a neurologist might save your life (who wants a brain tumor)? It should not be dramatized, but catalepsy can be due to astral travel, or to a medical condition, please take it into account...

reannan said...

astral catalepsy has been happening to me since I was a child. When I was young I did not understand what was happening to me and it was very frightening. I used to hate going to bed at night for fear that "it" would happen again. As and adult I researched the subject after and incident when I was 21 when I watched myself and my boyfriend sleeping on the ground from the ceiling of the room we fell asleep in. Shortly after I felt and enormous pressure on my chest and astral catalepsy kicked in....I discussed the issue with my friend who told me about the phenomenon. ever since, I researched the subject and now am able to withstand the symptoms no matter how unpleasant they might be because I understand what is happening to me. I actually apprecitate, now, when I am able to feel it happens much more often then people can feel it happening. I am no longer affraid, and kind of have the attitude of it over yet?....please learn more about it..the more you know the less frightening it becomes....its actually comforting to me now..

Anonymous said...

Anonymous who said that he found himself speaking another language. According to Sylvia Browne and her book "Life on the other side", when we cross we all speak Aramaic fluently, so your soul maybe have been speaking in this language which would make sense.

Paddie11 said...

I am a 54yr old lady and I have experienced this phenominon for over 30 years. I have never ever experienced terror the way I experience these astral flights,(if that's what they are) I have no out of body experience, I am not aware of leaving my body. My experiences have more or less been the same over the years. I am neither awake nor asleep, I am aware of a presence in the room, at times have heard them come up the stairs and into my room, then get into bed beside me. I feel the mattress being depressed and someone getting in. I cannot call out or move. When I finally get out of this state, I have had to go downstairs and sit for a few hours because I am so scared of going back into this state. If this is my spirit coming back into my body why is it such a terrifying experience and I feel a negative energy. Please advise.

Kasey Brown said...

So I started having these frighting dreams a little over 1 year ago. Something was holding me down pinning the sheets around me in my bed when I was awake almost like I was waiting to fall asleep looking at my ceiling. Terrifyed inside I yelled out to it (what I thought was an evil spirit) telling it that I had God in my heart and instisted it went away in the name of Jesus! This did not work, I then began to scream for my friend who I was staying with and could not yell. I was so freaked out, fighting for my life it felt like. Finally I came out of it and was awake for real and was absolutly terrifyed! I couldnt sleep in that room again without the door open and was so scared everytime it was bedtime after that. I vividly remembered everything! A few months later I had the dream in my new apartment where I lived with my brother, somtimes in the dream Id break free from what was holding me down and go to find help. The first thing I try to do is turn on the light. Everythime I turn on the light it never comes on, this is when I realize its not over and Im still dreaming. I have went into my brothers room telling him to help me but to no avail. I wake up and am so sacred. I have had it about 5 times in the past 15 months. Just before the last time I had the dream I was talking to a friend at work (I talked to many people about it because I was trying to find answers) she told me about Sylvia Browne and how she went to a lecture she was having and a woman described the same dream I was having. She told me that Sylvia explained that it was my soul trying to get back into my body and I woke up before it was able to enter again fully. She said to stay calm and just let my soul do its thing and re enter my body. A few weeks later I had the dream again (they are never the exact same but the same things happen mostly) while dreaming I realized I was having the dream and I just relaxed knowing I was going to be okay. During the time of relaxing and not fighting I felt as if I had hundreds of fingers moving up and down my body very quickly (a vibration) I was relaxed but thinking the whole time...I dont like this...I just want it to stop! I layed there feeling very uncomfortable and finally came to. I felt calm not scared after the dream and was able to fall back to sleep without being scared! It worked...I have not read Slyvia Browne's book...YET but I feel so much better knowing these things now and I have researched it and I know now that I have experienced Astral Catalepsy. If you are having dreams like mine...just relax and let it pass, read up on Astral Catalepsy it is very comforting!! Im thankful I know what is going on now and wanted to share my story. I just wanted to understand and now I do. If you are having these dreams please know that you are not alone. Everything is okay and you just need to relax. Thank you for reading.

Anonymous said...

This is the second time this has happened to me (Only when I lie on my back) I just finished having a dream about a lady at the side of the road strangling her child. I woke up instantly to find myself not able to move. Both arms were pinned back and i felt a presence ontop of my body, it felt like a child was on me squeezing onto my ribs. I felt so much pain it was unbearable. My eyes were wide open and this lasted for about 3 mins.

Charles said...

This happened to me one time when I was 17 years old. I fell asleep on the couch at my folks house. While I was sleeping, my mother must have been watching a preacher on television. In my dream I heard the preacher loud and clear. He spoke of the return of Jesus Christ and how it would happen within the next 22 years. I remember this quite well in my dream! Then I woke up from my dream to look over at the television and see the preacher still giving his sermon. At this point my mother was in the restroom. I started to get up to change the channel when an unknown force pushed me back down to the couch. I tried to scream for my mother but nothing would come out! I remember the force turning my head towards the television as if it wanted me to listen to the message of the pastor. I remember just praying in my mind for god to help me, and I remember saying sorry to god in my mind too. The force finally left my body and I ran upstairs to where my mother was. I explained to her what just had happened and told her how it was the most disturbing/terrifying experience I have ever endured in my life. She then told me that it was the holy spirit trying to open my eyes. This was the only time it ever happened to me. I still believe that it happened to me because something was trying to get the message that the pastor was giving through my thick skull! This happened 13 years ago.

Rhea1036 said...

What a relief! Many thanks for posting this page. I been surfing the net trying to find some possible explanation to all these weirds things happening to me... I thought I was being hunted.. or crazy. Nobody seems to understand, a friend even suggested to get my head scanned. I'm glad I'm not the only one suffering from astral catalepsy... The occurrence can be very scary but sometimes I enjoy the journey especially if this involves visiting my loveones in their homes without them seeing me ofcourse. I'm not crazy okay.


Declan said...

This happened to me lastnight.
some of you say that it is frigetening, this isnt the case with me. I was having a dream and normaly people that i know are in them but this time it was a lady that i didnt know (she was a psychic/medium/fortuneteller) and she told me that things would be changing around me. anyway, the dream went on for a while, then all of a sudden my mind was like "OMG, who was that lady." I felt like i was sucked out of my dream, a loud buzzing was all around me like i was vibrating. my body tightened like an electrical current was passing through it, i didnt realy try to move and i cant say it was uncomfertable. it felt nice i just tried to relax,`also it felt like someone was rubing my face and playing with my hair, there was a voice too it said "I thought that one might get you". i think that it is refering to the dream about the lady.(which started the episode of astral calepsy). i have heard of these sorts of things happening before, but it didnt occur to me that it(astral calepsy) was happening.

Nice article by the way


Anonymous said...

i have been having these episodes for the last 11 years. beginning when my father was dieng of cancer. it started with a huge bang. i couldnt move speak scream nothing. i started sleeping with my hand on my husbands leg because he new what was happening to me. and eventually i gained some movement in my fingers so i would dig my nails in 2 let him no it was happening. they are not as frequent anymore n even that i no what is happening it still scares me everytime.

Anonymous said...

i have been having these episodes for the last 11 years. beginning when my father was dieng of cancer. it started with a huge bang. i couldnt move speak scream nothing. i started sleeping with my hand on my husbands leg because he new what was happening to me. and eventually i gained some movement in my fingers so i would dig my nails in 2 let him no it was happening. they are not as frequent anymore n even that i no what is happening it still scares me everytime.

Anonymous said...

I have been experience this myself for about 6 years as far as I recall. There is a slight difference for me though. I don't remember feeling paralyzed. Frightened yes, but not paralyzed. I feel a sensation of wondering if it is my imagination or something real in the room with me. I always feel the fight or flight feelings going through me. I have hurt myself a few times with the running out of my room to the other side of my house or banging my fist on a center block basement wall thinking I was trapped and death had arrived to take me. I fight desperately to stay. I am not afraid to sleep. I love sleeping. I love dreaming. I love life and find I have all the normal stress that anyone else may have...just don't now why I have been the lucky or unlucky one to experience this strange occurrence. It scares me but it passes. I wish I knew if it was safe to embrace it or not.

doll4me53 said...

I have been having these occurences since I was 11 years old. I am now 61 and they have slowed but not stopped. In mine I experience a sinking feeling, like impending doom, then the paralysis. I can't speak, move and most of the time see. I just know that something dreadful is about to happen. I have learned, over the years, that if I just relax myself and go with it I will come out of it sooner than if I try to fight it. After it is over, if I try to go back to sleep right away I will often times go right back into it again. I am glad that someone has finally put a name to the experience. I never did think I was nuts...but I think everyone that I tried to explain it to did.

Anonymous said...

This describes my experience w/ astral catalepsy perfectly! I'm only aware of the term, because one day in college, I walked into the library and headed for the stacks with the intention of picking out a random volume... I picked one and randomly opened to a page about... astral catalepsy! I was stunned to find out that this phenomena accurately described experiences I'd been having since I was an adolescent. This blog post is even more spot on. Thank you so much for sharing this!

I haven't had an 'episode' in years, thankfully. Since they're not much fun. But I find them much easier to cope with when they occur, having some knowledge of what's going on. I know that I just have to chill and wait it out, and the astral funk will pass. But I can say that episodes have always had a much higher likelihood to occur when I'm feeling extremely tired. Sometimes, preceded by an uncomfortable pressure in the base of my neck, before I even fall asleep. Daytime naps, I've found, tend to be a big invitation for bouts of this experience.

Anyway, cheers, and thanks again!

J in San Antonio said...

I am so glad that I found this blog.

I am 61 and have only recently started having this happend to me. Let me say that my physician has me on an antidepressant, Cymbalta. So I am not sure if this drug is causing my problem or not.

I am sleeping (at least I think so) then all of a sudden I am jerked awak by terribly loud,loud noises. My first experience was like an explosion type of noise, I could not move in bed at all, or speak and I saw a huge ball of fire come into my bedroom during this noise. All I could thinkto do was say the Lord's Prayer, over and over and over until it left me for a min or so and then it came right back with a vengance. I prayed again over and over and over. Scared out of my silly mind. I truly thought that I had been visited by an entity.

A few days later I heard more loud,loud noises like thrashing around of things, knocking things all over the place, glass crashing and breaking etc. No fire ball though. The sound leaves and then it comes right back. Scares me to death and I cannot move.

I have had thrashing of water sounds, almost like someone is being drowned in the bath tub, rustling sounds, like the loud, loud rustling of tafeta, satin or silk and it is coming for me. It gets to me and gets louder.

With each of these expereinces I have someone or something touch me. It just touches me. Does not hurt me in anyway, only touches me. I can feel the impression of who or whatever it is touching my arm, or leg or even my rear end. Then it leaves me. It is all gone.

I am scared to death when this happens to me. I hate it as I truly did not know what was causing it. I am a strong believer in the after life and that our spirit lives on. I believe in ghosts and aliens. So I was not sure if my mind was finally just saying I have had enough. I feel much better since I have read this blog. I am not alone, thank GOD.

Ciscosoldier said...

Y'all hoes is lying. Y'all just high as hell. Leave those drugs alone people. That shit does not exist. STFU PEOPLE

Anonymous said...

Just came across this site. Didn't know it's call astral catalepsy. Have been experiencing it since I was 18 (currently 47). It all started with just the paralysis whereby i could not move nor scream.

The experiences at times differ. I subsequently encountered the heavy breathing of a beast whilst in one of the immobilised state.

When i moved to Edinburgh to further my education, i had another different experience when i was staying in a guest house. I woke up one night not being able to move and felt as though there were millions of pins and needles in my chest. What freaked me out subsequently was that the door of my room that leads into the dimly lit common corridor opened. The yellow light shone in and i could see a tall dark figure standing there facing me.

I believe not everyone can easily experience this and since we are alike, there is something else that i would like to share with you. I took up meditation i.e. half lotus position, body seated upright and observing the breath at the tip of my nose. After about 2 months of practice, in one of the sessions, i could not feel my physical body but could only see a very bright light. If i get excited, the happy feeling and light disappears. Eventually in subsequent sittings, i managed to stay with the bright light and i soon realised that it is some kind of energy field or life force within us which have healing abilities. A had painful mouth ulcers before meditating on 2 ocassions but just 10 to 15 mins in the light, i emerged from my meditation with my ulcers fully healed. Since we are alike, just sharing this with you. Hope you will benefit from it too.

Anonymous said...

This feels so scary and it's been happening to me for very is normal though

Anonymous said...

Cisco soldier y don't you get the fu** off this page and get a life?.I don't do any drugs but by the way u sound looks like u do.ignorant bit**!

Anonymous said...

I just read about this in Sylvia Browne psychic children book. What a relief to find out about this. It happened so often when I was from 8 to 25. I'm 45 now and it hasn't happened for 10 years. I've had kids and with work and life, I'm so exhausted at night.
Typically I wake up and can't move. Twice I had a tough time. Not only could I not move but my head thrashed left to right on the pillow, involuntary moves. I've heard loud noises. Have also had experiences where I feel I was groped, sexually touched - and this was before I knew anything about sex. It would always follow with waking up and not moving. I've heard elders say that it's a ghost on top of me so needless to say I've been scared sh#tless whenever this happened.
Once when I was about 20 I took a nap while my boyfriend was studying next to me.
I saw from a perspective that I was as high as the ceiling looking down from the bedroom door - I saw my body on the bed and saw my boyfriend reading his book. His body was blocking the view of my head. Then I went to paralysis. I was calling help to my boyfriend while I heard children's laughter loud and clear. When I got out of it, my boyfriend said I was sleeping soundly. He was right next to me. I was convinced that my room, in the basement when I was a teen, was haunted by kids before but could never explain seeing myself. Now I realize I was just out of my body.
Ok. One.more. I was really freaked out. Fell sleep upstairs in my old room (where I used to get sleep paralysis all the time) and woke up one time and couldn't move but fell back to sleep. Then woke again and couldn't move then I looked up and saw an opaque but grey figure of a teen looking down at my feet he had a sad look about him. I couldn't move and triedd to scream but nothing came out. After that I was convinced I saw a ghost. Still not sure maybe it was a spirit?

Anonymous said...

I has been happening to me since childhood. I even do not remember when it started. When I was in my home it happened very often and I was used to it. Later I moved to another country and today I experienced it to the highest level. It made me serach for this and I found the scientific name of it. But I still do not know what it is happening to me?

JayKay1 said...

I have one question. I see blood everywhere when all this is happening. Like how can I explain. Okay remember back when they use to show them black n white pictures to ppl that they thought were crazy. To see if they saw blood or just a drawings. Well that's wat I see but blood and everywhere. What does that mean? Is their a explanation for it?

Anonymous said...

I think you feel a negative energy because you're still terrified out of your mind, as I am when this happens. It's terrifying and feels horrible because like the article said, your body thinks that you're dying, and so when your soul returns to your body and your body realises that it's not dying, it stops freaking out, but it might take some time afterwards for you to calm down. That's just how I see it as it may be.

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